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Non-toxic bedding. Robyn Puglia

Fun Find Friday – Non-Toxic Bedding.

It’s time for Fun Find Friday! Where I share my favourite new things with you. Hello there! How’s everybody’s week been? I’ve been dealing with two jet lagged babies, and unpacking from moving house, so it…

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Robyn Puglia

Fun Find Friday!

It’s Friday! Another busy week draws to a close, and while it’s been hectic somehow there’s been time for shopping. So strange, that. It occurred to me that I am often in the lucky position of being…

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The Importance of Setbacks.

The Importance of Setbacks While Healing.

Today I want to talk about something very common. I make a point of discussing this with new patients usually in the first or second appointment, but there’s so much information at that stage that this one often gets…

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A Little Announcement

I started studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2011. The first module I did was Hormones and I was totally blown away by the calibre of the information and the way all the dots were being connected to…

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