Meet the Team

Specially trained and working under Robyn to implement custom programs.

Rachel Ward

Nutritional Therapist & Certified Functional Medicine Coach


Rachel is a highly experienced nutritional therapist, qualifying from the acclaimed Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK. She is passionate about the healing properties of nutritional therapy and lifestyle intervention, having herself recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has had success in treating people with a wide range of health conditions including M.E, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, gastro-intestinal problems, immune problems, nerve problems, children with behavioural problems, food allergies/ intolerances and behavioural and developmental problems in children.

Sueson Vess

Leading Health Food Chef, Public Speaker, Author

Sueson is a professional chef very well known for her focus on family-friendly, gluten, dairy, sugar and soy free food with a big focus on flavour and nutrient density! She has coeliac disease and is a cancer survivor, so her knowledge of the healing power of food is second to none. She has a particular love for ‘foods with benefits’, as she calls the power of the medicinal compounds in foods including turmeric, ginger and all the amazing herbs and spices that help our bodies heal.

Sueson writes extensively for leading industry publications such as Gluten-Free and More, previously known as Living Without magazine and Sandhills Naturally

Sueson is a highly in-demand speaker, regularly presenting as conferences such as AutismOne, teaches cooking at Duke Cancer Center, FirstHealth of the Carolinas, and served on the board of The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center for many years.

Sueson has also authored several cookbooks, and is working on her newest to be released soon! Most importantly, her recipes are delicious, nutritious, healing and easy to make.