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A Little Announcement

I started studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2011. The first module I did was Hormones and I was totally blown away by the calibre of the information and the way all the dots were being connected to…

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Broccoli, the humble super food!

An ode to Broccoli, the humble Superfood.

How many people in the general population do you think have eaten goji berries? Or had an Acai Bowl? How many little kids do you know that know what Maca is? Or Propolis? The term ‘Superfood’ generally conjures up some…

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Five on Friday - Part Two

Five on Friday – Part Two

Well folks, here are are again at the end of the week. I hope you have all had a great one. It’s time for another Five on Friday, and today’s topic is actually a fairly simple one which…

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