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Essential Fermentation Equipment. Everything you need to get started!

With all the great fermenting that I expect is going on in your kitchen as a result of all my enthusiasm and recipes, I thought it would be useful to share with you what pieces of equipment you might like to consider, to make this project a successful breeze and not a mouldy chore. Here…(Read More)

Non Toxic Mattress. Robyn Puglia

Well it’s Friday yet again, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. It’s Mother’s day in Australia and the USA this coming Sunday, so a big shout out to all the mothers in my life! Non-Toxic Bedding. Continuing on from last week’s post, where I shared a great duvet…(Read More)

Fun Find Friday - Non-Toxic Bedding.

It’s time for Fun Find Friday! Where I share my favourite new things with you. Hello there! How’s everybody’s week been? I’ve been dealing with two jet lagged babies, and unpacking from moving house, so it hasn’t been the most restful week of my life to be honest. However, maybe…(Read More)

Robyn Puglia

Fun Find Friday!


It’s Friday! Another busy week draws to a close, and while it’s been hectic somehow there’s been time for shopping. So strange, that. It occurred to me that I am often in the lucky position of being sent samples or notifications for new products, and I’m also always on the lookout…(Read More)

A couple of years ago I read a great blog article that really resonated with me as it discussed something that I see again and again in clinic. I have used this concept to help people start their gluten-free life so often that I wanted to actually write about it myself. I will link…(Read More)

Duck Leg in Orange Sauce

Duck is actually one of my favourite meats. I love how much flavour it has. Paring duck with orange is a classic combination, with very good reason – it’s absolutely delicious. The tangy sweet orange sauce perfectly compliments the rich meat. This dish is very simple and quick to prepare. Add some steamed greens or…(Read More)

6 Essential Items Every Healthy Kitchen Needs

Kitchen Equipment What equipment would you expect to find in a Healthy Kitchen? I had to teach myself how to cook several times. First was when I moved out of home at 17. I ate a surprising amount of veggies for someone young in hindsight, but I also thought cooking from a packet was normal…(Read More)

Broccoli, the humble super food!

How many people in the general population do you think have eaten goji berries? Or had an Acai Bowl? How many little kids do you know that know what Maca is? Or Propolis? The term ‘Superfood’ generally conjures up some rare and unusual fruit, seed or extract, found in a far and foreign land that…(Read More)

Easy Asian Broccoli Chicken and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Here is a quick, easy and delicious meal that you can throw together in just a few minutes midweek. The star of this meal is broccoli, one of my favourite nutritional powerhouses. The key here is don’t overcook it, just take some of the crunch out. The leaves of the broccoli soak up the…(Read More)

Still feeling sick on the Gluten Free Diet. Robyn Puglia

This is the second article in a series. Click here to read part One. A common issue that I have come across in people with coeliac disease, after diagnosis, is that they can have symptoms that persist even after the gluten free diet is in place. Some people actually go on to develop new symptoms…(Read More)

Robyn Puglia's Favourite Cookbooks

Five on Friday


 Introducing Five on Friday. To wrap up the week, I am going to throw out five nutrition or health facts or five foods, product finds or recipe links, or maybe a combination of all of the above, that I am loving from the week gone by. Today I am going to start with some recipe…(Read More)

Beet Kvass. Robyn Puglia

Recipe for Beet Kvass


Fermented foods are a critical part of re-establishing and maintaining good gut bacteria and therefore a healthy immune system. Fermented foods are a great example of food as medicine and I really believe that everyone should eat them every day. I also think that eating a variety of fermented foods is better than just…(Read More)

Bone broth is an old food that is currently enjoying a huge revival of popularity. This is thanks to its nutritional density, its reputation as a healing food for those aiming to repair or maintain health and, last but not least, its ability to add some serious yum to even a simple dish. The broth…(Read More)

Hashimoto's Disease - A Functional Approach

Perhaps no disease is more overlooked in the healthcare system, than Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks and damages the thyroid gland. Like other autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s occurs when the body is attempting to defend itself against something possibly dangerous, such as an infectious agent like bacteria or…(Read More)

The Importance of the Clinician-Patient Relationship.

One of the central values of Functional Medicine, and of particular importance to me, is the importance of what we call the ‘therapeutic partnership’. This refers to the bond formed between the patient and the clinician, that allows the patient to feel empowered in both the decision making process and of taking charge of their…(Read More)

Fantastic Egg Replacement Recipe for Autoimmune Diet.

One of the most difficult food eliminations in my opinion is egg. Firstly, we have all sorts of substitute products for things like cheese or bread, even on AIP. But there isn’t really anything that tastes like egg, and not much that binds like egg does when cooking. Well I don’t have much…(Read More)