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SIBO Soup. Robyn Puglia

SIBO soup


The SIBO diet can seem terrifyingly sparse in the earliest, most restricted stages. I have come up with a couple of recipes to help support this process as much as possible and I’d like to share this one as it’s simple and really delicious…(Read More)

Happy Salsa. A gut-friendly fermented food

I call this salsa “happy” because, frankly it makes me smile whenever I eat it. This is an easy and versatile recipe to introduce a fermented food to your family…(Read More)

Fermentation 101. Basic Tools and Techniques

Fermentation is the transformation of vegetables and salt (or cultures) into delicious fermented foods, due to the work of the lactic acid, that is produced when Lactobacillus bacteria, already present in the vegetables digests sugars in the vegetable. Learn more about the process and why fermented foods are so good for you here…(Read More)

Beet Kvass. Robyn Puglia

Recipe for Beet Kvass


Fermented foods are a critical part of re-establishing and maintaining good gut bacteria and therefore a healthy immune system. Fermented foods are a great example of food as medicine and I really believe that everyone should eat them every day. I also think that eating a variety of fermented foods is better than just…(Read More)