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healthy chocolate recipe Fauxrerro Rocher

This is far and away one of the most popular recipes I have asked my friends and family to try, pretty much to date. I developed this recipe for a dear friend of mine who is completely addicted to Ferrero Rocher, and to be clear not at all a fan of any kind of healthy…(Read More)

Balsamic Roasted Beans


These Balsamic Roasted Beans are quick to make, delicious to eat, and are totally healthy! They will become a common staple at the dinner table in no time…(Read More)

Gut Friendly Rainbow Rice Salad

Eating the “colors of the rainbow” helps us stay healthy by providing special plant chemicals, found in the pigment of the plant, that support many aspects of our health. This recipe provides the colours: Red, orange, green, blue/purple, white/tan and yellow, which is all 6 colours of the phytonutrient rainbow, making this a…(Read More)

Perfect Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes

I’m not really that strong a recipe creator in general and DEFINITELY not when it comes to baking. I need a recipe for baking for sure. So, I am delighted to have found this recipe for DF, GF, and egg free pancakes…(Read More)

Dirty Rice And Beans

Dirty Rice and Beans


The traditional version of this Southern side dish uses a ground meat like chicken liver or gizzards. This version uses mushrooms for a cleaned-up version with lots of great flavor and nutrition…(Read More)

SIBO Soup. Robyn Puglia

SIBO soup


The SIBO diet can seem terrifyingly sparse in the earliest, most restricted stages. I have come up with a couple of recipes to help support this process as much as possible and I’d like to share this one as it’s simple and really delicious…(Read More)

Happy Salsa. A gut-friendly fermented food

I call this salsa “happy” because, frankly it makes me smile whenever I eat it. This is an easy and versatile recipe to introduce a fermented food to your family…(Read More)

Fermentation 101. Basic Tools and Techniques

Fermentation is the transformation of vegetables and salt (or cultures) into delicious fermented foods, due to the work of the lactic acid, that is produced when Lactobacillus bacteria, already present in the vegetables digests sugars in the vegetable. Learn more about the process and why fermented foods are so good for you here…(Read More)