Unexplained Illness

Complex Cases / Unexplained Illness

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.38.34It wasn’t my intention to specialize in ‘unexplained illness’. It has happened this way partly because of my own experience with health struggles, and partly because there is a large spectrum between ‘healthy’ and having a diagnosable illness, during which time it’s possible to be very ill indeed.

You may know without a doubt that something is wrong, but when you see your doctor you are told that your tests are normal, or that there is no medical explanation for the way you feel.

You may even be told that you have depression, that it’s just stress, ‘you’re just getting older’ or ‘life in the big city is difficult’.

It’s also very common that once you actually have a diagnosis, and have been prescribed all the correct medicine, to continue to really struggle with your health.

Unexplained symptoms and illnesses are actually a very big and very modern problem.
Unexplained illness is also an area where the Functional Medicine model is fantastically useful, because Functional Medicine doesn’t need a diagnosis, to help you restore your health.

Functional Medicine investigates the underlying mechanisms by which healthy function is perturbed and intervenes there.

If we look beyond the symptoms, further upstream, to understand which basic functions of the body aren’t working correctly and focus the intervention there, this is a simple, common sense based approach that is very effective to restoring health.

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