The Immune Health Program.


2020 is the year that our collective health as a community, the health of our families and our own health came sharply into focus in a way that is unique for our lifetime.

We started to acknowledge that underlying health and inflammation plays a huge and important role in the way our body responds to a significant stress, such as viral infection.

As we move forwards from the epicentre of the crisis into a world that will never be quite the same again, it’s my sincere hope that a positive change will be understanding the role that food and nutrition plays in creating and restoring health and reducing inflammation, and the impact that this baseline health can have for ourselves and our loved ones – our parents, grandparents and our children.

In this program, I have provided a series of tools that can be used to address health and inflammation and to improve underlying health and vitality, in order to improve immune resilience.

This information is for the whole family and any individual. Please join me as I use my knowledge to help everyone I can to live a healthier life.

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