The Foundations of Health

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If I was to ask how your illness affects your life, would you immediately think: How does it not?

Yes? Well, you’re not alone...

Maybe you have coeliac disease and your symptoms seem to be getting worse with time instead of better, meaning you keep turning down the dinner invitations, cutting out even more of the foods you love, and praying you don’t have to go anywhere without a toilet close by.

Maybe you have an autoimmune disease and you’ve tried to eliminate foods from your diet but struggled to reintroduce any without getting brain fog or muscle ache, or you’re taking prescription drugs which have given you terrible side effects.

Or maybe you’re in constant pain, desperately fatigued, or your body isn’t behaving the way you know it should and no one can offer you an explanation as to WHY. Which leads to sick days every month and lonely evenings while your friends go out without you.

And these don’t even begin to cover the negative emotions you may face every day.

Whatever symptoms your sickness is throwing at you, and whatever emotions you experience as a result, I’m going to make an educated guess that you wish you could do any (or all?) of the following:

The good news is this can be possible. I know you may feel you’ve already tried everything and nothing has worked, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.

Not only are you exhausted by your health issues, you’re exhausted trying to fix them.

Especially because it feels like you’re the only one having to deal with these physical and emotional struggles, day in, day out. If there was ever a time to be able to lean on a support system of people who know exactly what you’re going through, and who can pull you up out of those low moments when you think you just can’t deal with it anymore, it’s now.

Conventional medicine is the only option

Society has taught us that when we’re unwell, we go to the doctor, and they prescribe something to make us feel better. That’s fine, until 1) the doctor can’t explain why you’re sick or 2) the treatment doesn’t make you feel better.

The simplest way to explain conventional medicine’s approach to illness is that it aims to treat symptoms more than it aims to solve the root problem, which might be contributing to a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Functional medicine doesn’t need a diagnosis to provide strategies for improving health. The body is an integrated and interconnected system, and functional medicine works with the body as a whole.  Nothing happens in your body for no reason and my job as a practitioner is to do the detective work and trace all the way back to the root cause of the problem (e.g. an old injury, bacterial imbalance, stress, a food) and work out what’s needed to support the body for it to function healthily. I then help people make changes to their diet and lifestyle that support underlying health and vitality of the body.

        The foundations of health are the same for EVERYONE, and they don’t actually involve “treating your disease”

        Yes, that’s really true. Even if two people’s symptoms are completely different, the foundations to optimal health are the same for them both. After years of working with many different complaints in my clinic, I recognised that the foundations that we needed to lay each time were the same for everybody, and there are four core areas that need to be addressed. No matter what. Of course, health support needs to be tailored and personalised to the individual, but the basics are still the basics.

        So if you’re sick of being sick and tired of feeling failed by your efforts to get better, I would invite you to consider the program I’m about to tell you about. EVEN IF you feel your health issues are so lengthy and complicated you could probably write a book on them.

          The Foundations of Health

          What this is NOT: a quick fix, magic potion, or 28-day “miracle”.

          What this IS: a comprehensive and supportive program designed to lay the foundation for getting your health (and life) back where you want it to be.

          Sound empowering? GOOD! It is.

          You can’t build a house without having the foundations in place first.

          The same goes for your health.

          A proper foundation is resilient to the stresses and curveballs of daily life (and I’m sure you’ll agree there are plenty of those) but it can only be built one step at a time.

          Having said that, foundations can be built faster and made stronger when you have people to help you through it. People who are going through it themselves. Who will listen to you, and guide you, and believe in you – even when you don’t believe in yourself.

          That’s what The Foundations of Health is about. I’m here to listen, guide, and believe in you through your health journey, alongside an amazing group of people who can truly understand the pain and inner struggles you’re so desperate to be rid of, because they’re in the same boat.

          I’m Robyn Puglia

          One of only 15 fully certified functional medicine practitioners in the UK.

          That doesn’t mean functional medicine is a new concept or a fad – quite the contrary! I’ve completely committed myself to supporting people who, like me, struggled to get help when they needed it,  first studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition for 4 years and then at the Institute for Functional Medicine in America for 5 years. Now I lecture for and mentor doctors and nutritionists and, of course, work in my clinic too. Fun fact: 20% of my clients last year were doctors themselves.

          My 10 years as a practicing clinical and functional nutritionist have seen me support numerous people through their health issues and the foundational work we do together is almost always the same. Because of this, and because I can only take a limited number of private clients on at any one time, I’ve put together this program to empower you, guide you, and support you to put these health foundations in place too.

          The human body is a miracle. Making it healthy is a journey, but you don’t have to go it alone.

          The Foundations of Health

          My Signature Program


          The foundations program is made up of 1 private initial consultation, 1 private follow-up consult at the half-way mark, any appropriate individualised testing, and then 4 modules, each with 4 two-hour classes. That’s a total of 16 classes, delivered over 8 months, and they’ve all been carefully planned to give you everything you need to be able to take responsibility for your body, your health, and, ultimately, your lifestyle. Even though it feels like your illness calls the shots right now, when you know the rules of the game (a.k.a. how to make a body healthy), you have the power to change that!
          *Functional tests and supplements are not included in the cost of the program.

          This is about much more than health education

          It’s about how you can use that health education to make CHANGES to your lifestyle which, in turn, can contribute to making you feel well again. All while being surrounded by others who get it and who have your back on those days when the pain in worse than normal, when you haven’t slept well, when you can’t be bothered to cook, when your willpower is waning, or when you just need someone to talk to. If just the thought of having that kind of community support already makes you feel better, it’s no coincidence. It’s science!

          Here’s everything that’s included when you sign up to The Foundations of Wellness:

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          9 monthly payments of £250

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          Additional 1-to-1 sessions may be added on at checkout. 

          My pledge to you

          I will do everything I can to support you through your health journey so that you can feel normal again. So that you can feel like YOU again. That means listening to you, helping you understand what you read on the internet, encouraging a stronger relationship with your doctor, empowering you to make necessary changes that can optimise your health, and never disregarding your symptoms or struggles.

          For me, you are not the anomaly, you are the norm.

          If you want to join my group of health warriors, as we work to transform your health through The Foundations of Health in 2019. - Simply choose your payment option below.

          9 monthly payments of £250

          (1-to-1 session add-ons may be purchased upon checkout)

          1 upfront payment of £2000. Save £250!

          (1-to-1 session add-ons may be purchased upon checkout)